Learning Reflextion: Lean into the Uncomfortable

What I have been seeking:

Order and strategy in my social media and personal knowledge management endeavors.   This seeking led me to two courses (Be a Social Media Super Hero & PKM in 40 Days) that are currently showing me how to seek, make sense of, and share information.

What I am learning:

This is not an easy process, especially for a perfectionist who wants to do it right the first time.  However, what I am finding is that there isn’t a “right” way.  It’s different for everybody and you need to explore, try,  disregard, try something else, and continue doing what works for you. You need to lean into what’s uncomfortable.

Both courses have a component on goal setting/finding meaning (aka – why are you really doing this).   I glossed over these sections (in both courses).  It’s uncomfortable to think about (at least for me).  In fact I’ve been trying to work this out for awhile; having started and abandoned Desire Mapping several times.

What I realized is that I should have leaned into the uncomfortable.  Part of my inability to move forward with developing my strategy is because I wasn’t entirely clear on what I wanted and I avoided thinking about it.  Next time you struggle with learning something, think about what your avoiding.  It could be the key.

The result:

Tuning into what I really  want.

These are my core desired feelings.  I will now try to make choices, in life and work that lead me in this direction.

  • Affluent: I have enough & am grateful
  • Wonder: I add to and experience the beauty in this world
  • Tranquil: I am relaxed and open
  • Rustic – I do things to get uncomfortable & buck the system
  • Connected: I act with empathy and authenticity

Thinking about my core desired feelings, made it completely clear why I am seeking more information about social media and personal knowledge management.  It’s not because it’s the cool thing or because my profession demands it.  It’s because it makes me feel connected to others. I also feel a sense of wonder by engaging in this space – people are amazing.  Finally, I feel rustic.  I’m uncomfortable.  Good things come out of uncomfortable.

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