Work Out Loud: Filtering Twitter for Personal Networks

Don’t you just love it when you have an Ah-ha moment? Especially when you’ve been struggling with something like how to organize Twitter?


I was working through an exercise on Harold Jarche’s PKM in 40 Days Workshop which was explaining the different types of people who should be a part of your network. According to Harold “As a seeker of knowledge, you are also looking for others who make sense and share. There are two types you want to find, Experts and Connectors. Sometimes they are the same, but not always.”  He also mentions that learning something new can be lonely so it helps to find others on that same path; other seekers of knowledge.

More info on this concept can be found here.

Ah-ha Moment

My twitter lists where out of control and I was missing key tweets from people I truly considered experts and whom provide valuable information. Once I read Harold’s concepts I immediately thought that I should set up my twitter lists in the same fashion:


How do you set up your lists?  Would love to hear about it.  Hopefully I gave you something to think about and maybe an Ah-ha moment of your own.

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