Sunday Summary: Content Fried & Building Relationships

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from the PKM course that I took with Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

Find # 1

What Makes a Good Content Curator by Robin Good via Robin’s twitter account.

Inspiration: Robin made a point in his post that drove home something I strongly believe in – that engaging in any type of social media is about building relationships and sharing what you know.  He states “Curation is an effective means to build a strong relationship with a niche audience of passionate people to engage, not a marketing strategy that caters to gain a broad audience of readers by virtue of quantity and breadth.”  YES! YES! YES!

Take away: I notice when I do engage with people online that  I feel a sense of connection, gratitude and wonder – which is ultimately the feelings I am striving for so I need to make a better effort to connect – even if most other people aren’t engaging in that way.

Find #2

It’s More than Telling People what to Learn by Jane Hart  via Feedly subscription to Jane’s blog

Inspiration: Jane pointed out something I have been thinking a lot about lately: people need support in learning how to learn in a networked era. “Smart organizations are realizing that they can’t provide everything everyone needs to do their job – even through a self-service approach – and so are actively encouraging self-selected learning approaches.”  In a follow on post she pointed to an example of an organization that was doing just that by encouraging autonomous learning.

Take away:  Start sharing what I have been doing outside of work, with my colleagues, organizations, & community to show them the value of personal knowledge management, working out loud, and content curation.  In fact I was having a conversion with a teacher friend of mine the other night who is reasonable for coaching other teaches on some of the challenges she was facing organizing and sharing information.  I mentioned what I was doing and saw this light bulb go off: she could use pkm & content curation as a means for coaching.  I now feel a personal duty to go share these concepts with the world.  They truly are key skills for all professionals.

Find # 3

Are you content fried? By Beth Kanter via Beth’s twitter feed.

Inspiration: Beth states that one way she deals with content fried is to manage her attention and not just here time: “Don’t just create a to do list, lay it out on daily and weekly schedule, breaking down key tasks of the project to chunks.”

Take away:  Let me start by saying yes, I am content fried.  Information overload and figuring out how to manage this overload has been by far the hardest part of my PKM journey.  It’s one of the reason’s I haven’t continued my WOL series on my personal content curation strategy – I’m still stuck on how to organize myself.  Part of this is my perfection issue – I want to use tools and do it the right way but ultimately I need to JUST DO IT! The other issues is that I really haven’t sat down to manage my attention (or time) to allow myself the chance to figure out what works for me.

Summary (aka – reminder to myself)

  • I will manage my attention (and time) by planning out my PKM efforts into a daily/weekly schedule.
  • I will start talking more about content curation and personal knowledge management – including actually telling people who know me outside the social media space I have a blog so they can learn from my journey – it’s scary to put yourself out there to people who actually know you ; )
  • I will continue to engage and encourage engagement in my conversations on social media

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