Sunday Summary: Control, Perfection & Unexpected Inspiration

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

 Find #1

A tweet by John Hagel (@jhagel).



Lesson Learned:  As a formally trained learning professional and an instructional designer I think I sometimes try to suck the fun out of learning by trying to put a framework around it instead of creating experiences that let learning happen organically (wow that was hard to admit – that’s the first step, right?).  This quote was a reminder to myself to stop trying to control learning.


Find #2

A quote from Harold Jarche’s article on Autonomous Learners.


Lesson Learned: This touches back on a previous blog post where I discussed half-baked ideas and the value you get out of doing so.  This quote reminded me of what I learned from that experience and made me think about how, despite that, I still feel like I have to have all the answers. This is a dangerous mindset and I need to admit when I don’t know and ask for help.


Find # 3

A tweet by Nigel Paine (@ebase).


Lesson Learned:  Nigel’s tweet made me laugh and smile and then laugh some more.  As learning professionals (and humans in general), we can’t be afraid to share our mistakes or in Nigel’s case an embarrassing moment. You never know what value or help it may provide someone else.  In Nigel’s case, it reminded me to not be afraid to share.

 Summary (aka reminders to myself):

  • I will stop trying to control learning: learning is what happens while we’re busy making plans.
  • Expertise doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means knowing when to ask for help.
  • Share: You never know who or what you will inspire.

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