Sunday Summary: Unplugging

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.


This weeks find was not really a find but a key reminder to the value of unplugging.

I took a little bit of a break from social media and my PKM efforts due to a busy business trip to Bristol & am now currently enjoying some time off with my Dad in Scotland.  I always face immense panic when I disengage from the online world (irrational fear of missing out) but once I do I am so glad that I did.  Unplugging this week has allowed me to take a step back, enjoy the view, and appreciate life beyond my day to day routine.  The value of that is beyond words and will allow me to reengage with a renewed focus and energy.

Enjoying the view at Stonehenge.

 Summary (aka reminders to myself)

  • There is so much value in connecting via our online world, however, nothing can truly replace the value of a face-to-face interaction, especially when it’s with a loved one.
Enjoying mulled wine with Dad in Edinburgh.
Enjoying mulled wine with Dad in Edinburgh.




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