My PKM Rountine

Inspired by the amazing Harold Jarche and the folks who commented on his  PKM routines post, I finally finished writing mine out this weekend.  I wish it was visual but in the interest of working out loud and half-baked ideas, I’m just going for it. I can always refine it later.
Side Note: It’s a little different from my other attempts – but that’s OK because it shows my thought process and I would not have gotten here without going there.

Seek: 30 Minutes a Day

  1. Scan New RSS Headings Daily: 5 mins

    • Action: Discard or save for later with tag
    • Tools: Pocket to tag and save content to read later
  2. Read Saved Daily: 15-20 mins

    • Action: Save as Bookmark, tag, and a remark of why saving. Discard from once read.
    • Tools: Evernote Web Clipper to tag & clip articles. Evernote to store bookmarks.
  3. Scan Twitter Lists & Saved Searches: 10-15 Min 1 to 2 times a daily

    • Action: If something peaks my interest, favorite to give credit and save to read later with tag.
    • Tools:  Hootsuite to view and organize Twitter feeds. Pocket to tag and save content to read later.

Side Note:  I typically am not very active on Social Media during the weekend.  I love my profession but I also love Snowboarding and Mountain biking – maybe more ; )

Sense: 2-3 hours a Week 

  1. Blog 30-60 Mins Weekly

    • Topics
      • Sunday Summary Post: A once a week post on what I am finding on social media and how it relates to what I am working on or thinking.  This concept is based on on Harold Jarche’s Friday Finds.
      • Learning Reflection Posts: This is more random. I try for once a month but it doesn’t always happen.  These posts are for when inspiration strikes (like this one ) or to reflect on any learning activity I am participating in (i.e. MOOC).
      • What I am Working On Posts: This is something I am not currently doing but want to.  These would be once a month and will be inspired by what Helen Blunden does at Activate Learning Solutions.  I’m thinking this will be a great way to highlight the projects I am working on since they are proprietary and it’s rare I can show work samples.
    • Tools: WordPress
  2. Curate 30 Mins Weekly

    • Topic: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training News & Tips.  Side Note – I work for a UAS company and this is one of the ways I want to give back to them for being so supportive of my PKM strategy.  I haven’t actually gone live with this yet but my intent is to have this up and running by March.
    • ToolsScoopIt
    • Stretch Curation Goal: I would really like to start to incorporate Stoify into my practice. I think it would be helpful to pull together my thoughts when I am participating in a learning activity like Keeley Sorokti did for MSLOC430, a open course I am currently participating in or rather trying too participate it ; )
  3. Engage 60 mins weekly

    • Actions
      • I typically share 1 article a day, adding what I really liked about it or quoting something that I thought was inspiring.  I typically tag it with #LrnToday to as I way to keep track of what I am learning.
      • I also add my insights to one or two articles I read per day.
      • When tweeting or re-tweeting, I tag the individual who I found the article through (if I didn’t find it ) and the person who wrote it.
      • I participate in 1 chat a week.
      • I participate in 1 learning activities (MOOCs, Webinars, etc.) a month.
    • Tools: HootSuite to engage with Twitter  and comment feature on blog posts/articles.
  4. Filter & Organize 30 Mins Weekly

    • EverNote Bookmarks
      • Move them to notebooks for curation (topic I am thinking about maybe curating like PKM 101 for my company).
      • Move them to my Blog Notebook to support posts I am working on.
      • Discard any that don’t seem relevant any more.
    • Twitter Lists & Topics
      • I try to review my HootSuite Dashboard (the tool that manages my twitter lists and topics) weekly since I am just getting started.  I think as I get more proficient at targeting my content I can move this to a monthly practice.
    • Tags
      • I try to keep my tags consistent across tools so I check-in on them occasionally.  This really isn’t a regular practice, just something I do when I think about it or have time.


  1. I use twitter and my blog to share what I am finding or creating.
  2. I keep some of my Evernote notebooks open on topics I think may be of interest to others.
  3. My cuarted content on ScoopIt will be publicly available – though right now not a whole lot of people are interested in UAS training ; )

8 thoughts on “My PKM Rountine

Add yours

  1. I just came across your post via Harold’s workshop (which I’m doing as a refresher). You clearly put thought into creating this routine. How has it held up over time Kate? What has been most effective? What have the challenges been and how have you addressed them? How have you adjusted your routine?


    1. So good to hear from you, Michelle. I have updated this several times – the last version is here, though it was done in 2019:

      To be 100% transparent – it was mostly holding up, though slowly dying, until I left the corporate world to venture out on my own and it needs a major tweak. I have now all but abandoned it because I become unclear how I wanted to show up. I still see the value in it and I know I let my perfectionist side take over and was too afraid to share my process of reinvention.

      My challenge when I was using it was not really the process but me honing on on the topics I wanted to focus on. I have way too many interests and things I want to learn which I think led to burnout with the whole thing. I defiantly could have used more help with filtering and discarding information.

      I would love to chat more about this with you because it been on the back of my mind and hear your thoughts/experiences. Your comment came at the perfect time ; )


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