My PKM Rountine

Inspired by the amazing Harold Jarche and the folks who commented on his  PKM routines post, I finally finished writing mine out this weekend.  I wish it was visual but in the interest of working out loud and half-baked ideas, I’m just going for it. I can always refine it later.
Side Note: It’s a little different from my other attempts – but that’s OK because it shows my thought process and I would not have gotten here without going there.

Seek: 30 Minutes a Day

  1. Scan New RSS Headings Daily: 5 mins

    • Action: Discard or save for later with tag
    • Tools: Pocket to tag and save content to read later
  2. Read Saved Daily: 15-20 mins

    • Action: Save as Bookmark, tag, and a remark of why saving. Discard from once read.
    • Tools: Evernote Web Clipper to tag & clip articles. Evernote to store bookmarks.
  3. Scan Twitter Lists & Saved Searches: 10-15 Min 1 to 2 times a daily

    • Action: If something peaks my interest, favorite to give credit and save to read later with tag.
    • Tools:  Hootsuite to view and organize Twitter feeds. Pocket to tag and save content to read later.

Side Note:  I typically am not very active on Social Media during the weekend.  I love my profession but I also love Snowboarding and Mountain biking – maybe more ; )

Sense: 2-3 hours a Week 

  1. Blog 30-60 Mins Weekly

    • Topics
      • Sunday Summary Post: A once a week post on what I am finding on social media and how it relates to what I am working on or thinking.  This concept is based on on Harold Jarche’s Friday Finds.
      • Learning Reflection Posts: This is more random. I try for once a month but it doesn’t always happen.  These posts are for when inspiration strikes (like this one ) or to reflect on any learning activity I am participating in (i.e. MOOC).
      • What I am Working On Posts: This is something I am not currently doing but want to.  These would be once a month and will be inspired by what Helen Blunden does at Activate Learning Solutions.  I’m thinking this will be a great way to highlight the projects I am working on since they are proprietary and it’s rare I can show work samples.
    • Tools: WordPress
  2. Curate 30 Mins Weekly

    • Topic: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training News & Tips.  Side Note – I work for a UAS company and this is one of the ways I want to give back to them for being so supportive of my PKM strategy.  I haven’t actually gone live with this yet but my intent is to have this up and running by March.
    • ToolsScoopIt
    • Stretch Curation Goal: I would really like to start to incorporate Stoify into my practice. I think it would be helpful to pull together my thoughts when I am participating in a learning activity like Keeley Sorokti did for MSLOC430, a open course I am currently participating in or rather trying too participate it ; )
  3. Engage 60 mins weekly

    • Actions
      • I typically share 1 article a day, adding what I really liked about it or quoting something that I thought was inspiring.  I typically tag it with #LrnToday to as I way to keep track of what I am learning.
      • I also add my insights to one or two articles I read per day.
      • When tweeting or re-tweeting, I tag the individual who I found the article through (if I didn’t find it ) and the person who wrote it.
      • I participate in 1 chat a week.
      • I participate in 1 learning activities (MOOCs, Webinars, etc.) a month.
    • Tools: HootSuite to engage with Twitter  and comment feature on blog posts/articles.
  4. Filter & Organize 30 Mins Weekly

    • EverNote Bookmarks
      • Move them to notebooks for curation (topic I am thinking about maybe curating like PKM 101 for my company).
      • Move them to my Blog Notebook to support posts I am working on.
      • Discard any that don’t seem relevant any more.
    • Twitter Lists & Topics
      • I try to review my HootSuite Dashboard (the tool that manages my twitter lists and topics) weekly since I am just getting started.  I think as I get more proficient at targeting my content I can move this to a monthly practice.
    • Tags
      • I try to keep my tags consistent across tools so I check-in on them occasionally.  This really isn’t a regular practice, just something I do when I think about it or have time.


  1. I use twitter and my blog to share what I am finding or creating.
  2. I keep some of my Evernote notebooks open on topics I think may be of interest to others.
  3. My cuarted content on ScoopIt will be publicly available – though right now not a whole lot of people are interested in UAS training ; )

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