Sunday Summary: Lessons from the Marketers

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

The Finds

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am really interested in the marketing industry, specifically content marketing and branding, as I think there are some things that they do really well that can apply to the learning landscape and vice versa.  Now that I am getting into a PKM routine my attention has started to shift more in this direction.  Here is what I noticed this week:

  • A post by Seth Godin (former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo and bestselling author) found via Feedly on giving people what the want: This post, to me, is a reminder of what value we can add to those in the marketing industry.  Seth sums it up nicely:

“Don’t say, “I wish people wanted this.” Sure, it’s great if the market already wants what you make… Instead, imagine what would happen if you could teach them why they should.”

  • A post on the hottest Uber links by Marshall Kirkpatrick who runs Little Bird (a company thatcreatesinfluencer discovery and engagement tools) found.  Two things struck me as interesting:
    • Marshall chose to work out loud and share his links with the world instead of emailing them to a friend.  I just tlove finding examples of others outside the L&D industry using the term “work out loud.” It means it’s resonating!
    • Marshall mapped the Uber community (using Little Bird) to find the most influential members of that community online and see what they are talking about. It had me wondering how software like this could help people trying to build their personal learning networks.
  • A tweet by Jane Hart linking to an article by Tom Spiglanin on the demise of the e-learning brand.   I love seeing others in the L&D indutry make the marketing connection as well.  This also made me ponder what e-learning would look like if we had actually followed the brand principles he outlined from the start.

Summary (aka reminders to myself)

  • Training materials can support marketing’s strategy:  There is a unique opportunity for L&D professionals to partner with their marketing departments to provide learning content that can “teach people” why they should buy your product or service.  In addition, training content can also be a key piece of an organziation’s content marketing strategy.
  • Anything that touches the customer (internal & external) is considered a marketing opportunity and a chance to reinforce your brand:  Understanding and applying branding concepts can be a key differentiator in successful rollout of  a learning product/program.
  • Keeping investigating marketing software: There are so many “cool” things the marketing industry is doing to find content and influencers that could help individuals build their personal learning networks.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary: Lessons from the Marketers

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    1. I knew there had to be a term for what I was thinking ; ) Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I’m really interested in this type of marketing as I see how this could benefit the company I am work for. I’m in our technical training department and even though our product is highly technical, there are foundational pieces that could help an overall content marketing strategy.


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