Day 1 EcoCon 2015: Learning Environment Design

I just sat through the 1st in class session of the Learning Environment Design Workshop here in sunny Orlando for Learning EcoSystems 2015.  My head is spinning.  Dr. Catherine Lombardozzi has a great framework for designing learning environments.  It definitely challenged my thinking of them. Until today I was looking at learning environments from a more holistic/strategic level – like you create a “Learning Environment” for a program (i,e. Instructor Training Program) pulling all the relevant components from a Learning EcoSystem (page 11 of the article).

Catherine has me now thinking about learning environments for a single topic/skill.  So in applying it to the Instructor Program, I would look at an individual skill (i.e. presentation skills or cultural awareness) and develop an environment that supported those skills.  In the end you may end up with a multitude of learning environments that support the program or at least that is what I think with my current level of understanding.

I think where I am resisting, which indicates to me I need to re-frame my assumptions, is that I want to jump back up to that higher level.  I can’t let go of my entire program as one big fat learning environment which pulls in different solutions from the Ecosystem.  I know I am missing something here and hope that it will click as I progress through the week.

What are your thoughts on Learning Environments?  Maybe they will help me get unstuck ; )

p.s. Stay tuned to the blog this week, I have a goal of posting an update everyday to try and catalog how my world view expands.  Hopefully it will help expand yours too.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 EcoCon 2015: Learning Environment Design

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  1. I tend to see and think about things in bigger connected ecosystems, which means I usually have to draw these things out. Would it help to draw a big circle and then list smaller circles of sub programs or skill development areas within it so you could see how it all fits together?


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