Day 2 EcoCon 2015: Learning Environment Design Con’t

Today was the final in class session of Learning Environment Design.  I still  think it’s going to take all week before I can wrap this brain around defining learning environments in my world.  There’s not a whole lot of self-directed learning when it comes to flying unmanned systems as we are driven by a ton of customer and government regulations.   I’m not saying it not possible, but it’s just one of  those concepts that will have to be taken in baby steps.  It’s one of the main reasons I am having trouble looking at learning environments as things that are purely self-directed. Anyway, enough about that because I clearly don’t know what I am talking about yet ; ) Here are today’s learning nuggets.  Hopefully you will find them helpful.

  1.  There are individual, relational, and organizational barriers to bringing people together in learning environments and a few key ways to strengthen them:
    • Individuals can be blocked by their confidence and self-knowledge.  When designing a learning environment you want to make sure that your learners have a good understanding of their strengths and weakness to support goal development.  You can do this prior to their involvement in a learning environment with assessments or incorporate these assessments into your learning environment.
    • Relationships can be blocked by lack of trust and authenticity. When designing a learning environment you can help build trust and support authenticity by providing interaction guidelines and ample opportunities for interactions on and offline.
    • Organizations can be blocked by lack of a development culture or learning organization mindset.  Ingraining a culture of continuous improvement practices like those found in SixSigma can be helpful.
  2. Interface Design is critical for learning environments.  I now have a new book to add to my reading list. Interface Design for Learning Environments by Dorian Peters
  3. 2 Clicks and 10 Seconds: A fantastic framework for thinking about how we access content introduced by Benoit Savard (a participant in the class). Learners access content in 2 clicks and then are engaged in an activity in 10 secs.  It’s a lofty goal but one to strive for.

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