Day 3 EcoCon 2015: Learning is messy

Today I learned how to use Articulate Studio 13 from Stephanie Lawless at Yukon Learning and boy was it fun!  My favorite part was learning how to record video, edit it and add transitions using Replay.  All of which took me about 10 mins to learn.  Below is a quick snapshot of the result.

Now that your done laughing, think about what I could do if I had an hour and wasn’t trying to record around 6 other people also working on the same exercise.   The point of tools like those in Articualte Studio is to make it as easy as possible to create e-learning.  It’s defiantly not a solution for everybody nor is it a solution for all e-learning needs but it does severe a purpose.  After today – here is where I think it fits in:

  • Studio 13 is a good tool for Learning & Development professionals who work in small organizations and can’t focus purely on creation of training.  It allows them to utilize subject matter experts to support content development and doesn’t require them to learn any programming or advanced sequencing techniques.
  • This type of tool is perfect for creating training where high production quality is not needed or for content that changes rapidly – like your process and procedure training – which if your organization is on the path to continuations process improvement, changes hourly ; )

On a side note, the other thing I learned today  is that sometimes the process of learning is not pretty (aka my video above) but we can’t shy away from that.  Learning is messy and imperfect.  If we only shared the perfect how would we ever learn?



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