Sunday Summary: Letting Go

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

The Finds

I am a pretty avid follower of Harold Jarche and Jane Hart as they really encourage me to dig deep and explore my assumptions.  This week they both posted articles on their blog that got my attention because of a project I am working on where I’m struggling to not “control learning but provide a framework to let it happen:

L&D doesn’t own social learning … we all do

What struck me from Jane’s post was this:

“The power of social technologies in organisations lies in how they can underpin the natural social learning that happens continuously as a part of daily work in teams and groups. So the real value comes in helping teams and groups make use of these social tools to support this continuous social learning”

Its just another reminder to me that we can’t control learning, especially social learning.  As L&D professionals we have been trained to  to jump in and take over the instant someone mentions the word “learning” but really  it’s not always about us. Sometimes we just need to let people find their own path. A lesson I also learned from Harold Jarche this week.

Nobody pays attention

Harold’s post caught my attention when he stated:

“On this blog I have taken many half-baked ideas and worked at simplifying convoluted concepts over several years. But readers will take one point and run with it, taking it where they wish. I am not in control. They are.”

This is a great reminder that even if we thought (or still think) we have control over learning or what people do with our content, we never really did.  Why?  Because we are dealing with people and you can’t control people.  As Harold puts it: “All I can hope is to engage them. Over time I may even be able to convince them of a new idea.”

Summary (aka reminders to myself)

  • Let it go



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