Friday Reflection: Be the change. NOW!

Friday Reflections are my chance to take a look back at what I learned during the week see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

What I learned this week

Be the change.  NOW!

Here are the messages I received this week from the social media landscape:

“Fix it in the moment. There is no one lever, because the erosive forces are everywhere. We fix it in stages and build our community of change: co-create and co-own that change.”  –  Julian Stodd

My take: Don’t wait for perfect.

“Organizations cannot learn how to learn faster by continuing with their traditional methods . . . Innovation comes from the edge, almost never from the centre. It is time to start creating the edge of the organization now.” – Harold Jarche

My take:  I’m already on the edge so why not bring a few others along.

“The safe path may seem the less risky one, but it’s one that’s headed straight toward obsolescence.” – Chris Oestereich 

Mt take:  If you feel its right, even if you don’t know how, you have to do it anyway.

My Reflection

In all honesty, I’ve been hiding.  From whom you ask?  From most of my colleagues at work.  I’ve been on my own island – afraid to show others what I’ve been learning from the outside world.  Afraid that if I spoke up, that if I shared with them, I would be shutdown. I was afraid that they wouldn’t see that what the outside world has been learning and building on is critical to the survival of an organization in the Social Age.

I was wrong.  They do see.  All I had to do was to share, to show, to explain – one person at a time.

It’s not going to be easy but I am 100% determined to stand on the edge and be the change, even if it means I fall off the cliff.

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