Friday Reflection: “This, this is reality”

My friend and I have a saying we use when we are mountain biking up a really steep hill and are out of breath or walk over some crazy feature – we point at each other and say: “This, this is reality.”

Surrounded by a culture of extreme athletes where some of the worlds best live and ride, we us this saying to remind us that we ride for us.  We use it to remind us of what our reality is: the fact that riding to enjoy company with friends, to be in nature and to get our “treat” at the end is good enough for us.

Well folks, this same philosophy applies just as well to my PKM practice.

You may notice that, it’s Monday and I am now just posting my Friday Reflection. This past week was crazy, and I didn’t spend nearly the amount of time researching, reflecting and interacting with my network as I “normally” do.  However, “this, this is reality.”   Life happens, work happens, priorities change.  PKM is a personal journey and is meant to shift and change as I do.  I do this for me and I do what I can do, given the time I have.

I’m glad I reminded myself of this – it’s easy to get caught up in the should or have to’s but ultimately you just do the best you can given your “reality.”

PKM Note:

This post took about 20 minutes to write whose inspiration came when I was driving home from work and realized I hadn’t read any articles or had any significant interactions to write about this week.

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