Dear Future Me

I’m currently participating in a Work Out Loud Circle.  One of the exercises was to write a letter to our future selves to help us clarify our goals for the circle.  I would like to share it as a way to hold myself accountable (even if it changes) and to help others by providing an example of what you think through as you WOL.

Frankly, I thought about not sharing as some stuff in it makes me feel vulnerable, raw and exposed.  Then I realized this is exactly why I should.

Dear Future Me,

There is something more for you.

I hope that you:

  • have learned to be open and vulnerable, despite your fear.
  • have let go of perfect and embraced all the lessons that failure has to offer.
  • have fallen in love with the messiness of life and yourself, despite what your perceive as flaws in both.
  • make choices based on your core desired feelings:
    • Affluent: I have enough & am grateful
    • Wonder: I add to and experience the beauty in this world
    • Tranquil: I am relaxed and open
    • Rustic: I do things to get uncomfortable & buck the system
    • Connected: I act with empathy and authenticity
I dream that you:
  • are traveling the word and are experiencing all that this life has to offer.
  • are creating and providing services that help others learn how to let go of perfect, accept change, and see the value in being authentic – in life and work.
  • are contributing to the global brain, connecting with others outside your core industry, across cultures and across time zones
You will know you are on your way when:
  • you have lived in another country, traveled alone, mountain biked New Zealand
  • you have gotten over the fear of public speaking
  • you have found a new position that aligns with the services you want to create and concepts you want to share.
  • you have expanded your network to include a more global/cross-industry perspective and are sharing these insights on your blog
  • you have learned to communicate your feelings, ask for what you want, and accept help from others.

What do you hope for your future self?

Note (mainly a reminder for me): You don’t have to be specific or SMART goal oriented.  The point is to get something on paper so you have a direction to start moving.  You can (and will) course correct along your WOL and PKM journey.

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