Random Thoughts: Stuck

There’s been a book on my desk for months.  I glance at it every once and a while and think I should take this home and read it. But it still sits there.

This morning though, I happened to open it up and the term “Network Paradox” jumped off the page.


Your network will promote, support and highlight ideas that are valued with in it. And it squashes or removes ideas that are not . . . . If we wish to succeed at the intersection of fields, we have to break away from the very networks that made us successful.”

Frans Johansson, The Medici Effect

I’m wondering if this is why I have been feeling so stuck, why I have been reaching out, seeking and building a new network over the past year.  Is it because my ideas, my thoughts, my values no longer align with those people who helped shape me into who I am?

Its scary to change, but maybe in changing letting go of the familiar is just the status quo. Maybe we have to reinvent our networks just as we are reinventing ourselves. Who knows, maybe we will inspire those who once inspired us.


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