Life Happens . . .

“Life happens while your busy making other plans.”

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged or even really engaged in social media. Similar to Andrew Jacobs, in his post about resting, restarting and recharging, I was feeling overwhelmed with all I was trying to do.   Unlike Andrew though, I didn’t call myself out, I continued to try and power through until I couldn’t.  Life decided to happen and force me to stop.  It left me no mental capacity to deal with anything but getting through day to day.

When your life seems to fall apart, it forces you to re-prioritize and also be grateful for what you have.  So now that I am coming out of the storm, I decided it might be helpful to answer Andrew’s question: Do you have any life truths that help shape you, your thinking and actions?

I do and here is what my current experience is reminding me:

  • Family and friends that are family first, always.
  • You receive back 10 x times what you have given. People are amazing.
  • The world doesn’t stop turning when you want it to stop, but it will be there waiting for you to re-engage when you are ready.
  • I am the only one who puts pressure on myself to be perfect.  No one else has those expectations of me.
  • It feels great to drop the ball and let someone else pick it up.
  • Learning is essential to my well being.   Now that I have the mental capacity to start to reengage in my PKM/social networking practices, I see how much it makes me light up and gives me the energy to face my day.

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