Kate’s A to Z of Learning

I’m currently working through Jane Hart’s Personal Learning Advisory Course.  One of our exercises was to think through the words, tools, devices and people that summarize how we learn. You can find Jane’s A to Z of Learning on her blog.  Mine is below.

A is for Authentic.  Learning requires me to be authentic, vulnerable and open to not knowing.

B is for Be the Change.  When learning, I like to embrace what I am doing and put it into practice.

C is for Creation.  When I learn I like to create something.

D is for Diigo.  It’s how I bookmark.

E is for Evernote.  It’s what I use to make connections between what I am learning and plan my blog posts.

F is for Feedly.  It’s my RSS aggregator and where I go to read up on what my personal learning network is up to.

G is Google.  The #1 way I learn.  If I don’t know it, I Google it.

H is for Hootsuite.  It’s how I organize twitter feeds and research what is being said on topics I am learning about.

I is for iPhone.  I use my iPhone all the time to reach out to my personal learning network and keep up on all the blogs I follow.

J is for Join.  Joining social networks via LinkedIn, Twitter, and various other communities of practice is key to facilitating my learning.

K is for  Klondike Bars.  Sometimes you need a little treat to keep you going. Personally mine is chips and onion dip but I needed something for K  ; )

L is for Life Long Learning.  Learning never ends and is my approach to life and work.

M is for Make Mistakes.  I can’t really learn without them, especially since I am a recovering perfectionist.

N is for Now.  Learning is happening now.  I can’t forget that learning doesn’t have to be so formal.  In fact I am learning so much about how I learn, just by writing this post.

O is for Outside My Comfort Zone.  It’s my reminder that I learn best when I get uncomfortable, let go of perfect and dive right in despite my fear of failure.

P is for Personal Learning Network.  I can’t enough about the how much I learn through networking on social media.  This is probably my top go to when researching or learning anything new.

Q is for Quitting.  When I am learning something new (or trying to learn to many new things at the same time), I need to remember it’s OK to quit, come back later, or not at all.

R is for Rustic Learning Ramblings. My blog. Rustic – because  perfect is in the eye of the beholder. Learning – because I believe you should never stop.  Ramblings – because this blog is my personal space and enables my reflections.

S is for Sharing. When I learn, I like to share, even if my thoughts aren’t fully formed.  I always feel like this is a great way for me to reflect. It’s also my way of giving back to those who have helped me learn.

T is for Trust.  When learning I have to trust my organization to value my time and my contributions. Ben Caramel has a good article on this. http://inthelearningage.com/2015/10/14/trust-or-control-its-one-or-the-other/

U is for Underground.  Most projects I am working these days require me to learn at the same time as I am creating/sharing.  Grassroots campaigns, bottoms up approaches, and “underground” networking in my organization are all ways that are helping me to create and share what I am learning.

V is for Value in Perspectives.  Seeking out diverse perspectives is how I learn.

X is for X-Ray.  When I take the time to look beyond the surface, I often learn so much more.

Y is for You. My learning doesn’t happen without the thoughts, reflections and creations of others.

Z is for Zen.  This is my reminder to slow down when learning – or with life in general ; ).  I have a tendency to rush through to get things done and don’t actually learn as much as I could if I took more time to reflect.

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