#WOL Examples

The Edge (a free social platform committed to finding, curating and creating the boldest and most innovative new ideas for changing health & care) asked the other day for resources on Working Out Loud (WOL).

In response I’ve listed some of my favorite go to’s for examples of WOL and what they mean to me.

Johnathon Anthony.  I love his raw honestly and how he just put’s what he is thinking and working on out there.  Even if it’s messy.  Even if he fails.  Even when he has no clue what he is doing.  He has also provided me with a definition of WOL that really resonates:

Working out loud is the willingness to share and to try and to keep things in (perpetual?) beta. Challenge one’s own orthodoxy, inculcate and encourage a tension in the work with others. Make bold promises that things can improve, and also that they might fail: show vulnerability whilst also being full of hope.

Jeff Merell:  Jeff’s work with  #msloc430 is another good example of WOL and the power of co-creation.  Jeff has also provided me with one of the best reason’s to WOL:

Ignore the network: I think you should work out loud without any expectation that anyone in the network cares. Do it only for yourself. Do it because it is a good way to force yourself to articulate your thinking about some work-in-progress effort.

Helen Bluden:  Helen’s does a great job of narrating her work and letting people know what she’s been up to. Her quest to video blog is also a good example of another way to WOL.   Helen has taught me that even though I may not be able to talk about and share information about all the projects I work on – there are still ways to let the world know what your up to.

Michele Ockers:  Michele does a really good job of reflecting on and narrating her work.  One of my favorite things about Michele’s blog is that she continuously reflects on her Personal Knowledge Management process.  I loved this one post where she admitted she set unrealistic goals for herself.  This  is a great reminder that sometimes as, John Stepper says, “you just need to touch the treadmill,”and that’s OK.

Macklamore:  Macklamore announced his new album the other day on Medium. The moment I read his post it struck me as a great example of what it’s feels like to WOL:

If you aren’t scared of what you’ve created, you aren’t done yet.

and how you create when your WOL:

Not creating from a place of “don’t fuck up” but creating from a place of “fuck it up.”

WOL examples can be found in so many places.  What are some of your favorites and better yet what do the mean to you?


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