Dear Future Me: The Half-Baked Job

A while back,  I wrote a letter to myself to help clarify my goals and what I was seeking in my life and career.  In an attempt to try to keep clarifying where I think I am going, I am writing another letter to myself.  This one focusing on shaping my future job.

Dear Future Me,
You are a learning:

  • adviser
  • content curator
  • collaborator
  • strategist
  • innovator
  • cat hearder

You support:

  1. Employees by helping to create an environment/culture that allows them to innovate and learn.
  2.  Customers by providing customized learning experiences through the use of cutting-edge learning methodologies and techniques.
  3. The Organization by co-creating a learning strategy that aligns to it’s mission, vision, and goals for it’s self and for and it’s customers
You are working:
  • Internationally
  • From both home and office (s)
How will I feel if I don’t try to create this future job?
  • Stuck. Uninspired. Lost. Desperate for change.

WOL Note

I posting the above as a half-baked ideal.   I really wanted to write a more detailed description but I am not there yet.  This is all I have at the moment so instead of trying to do it all at one, I’m “touching the treadmill” and will just keep adding as inspiration strikes.  I also welcome your thoughts as well.

Speaking of inspiration, here are the articles that got my creative juices flowing on my future job:


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