I’m participating in the School for Health & Care Radicals (a bit late) and in the interest of working and learning out loud, I am using my blog to share my journey during the program.

Below are my reflections on Module 1: Change Starts with Me

What do you hope to achieve by participating in the School for Health & Care Radicals:

I am inspired by all that The Edge has done to empower individuals within (and outside) the NHS community to see that they can affect change. I hope to learn a little bit more about how they are doing this.  In addition,  I hope to learn more about myself as I try to move into the change space and connect with others who also believe that in order to affect change within yourself & within organizations you have to be willing to stand on the edge.

How can you build self-efficacy?

This is a hard one for me, because boiled down self-efficacy essentially means that you believe that you are capable of delivering the change.   I sometimes struggle with this, which is why I think in order to build it I have to continue doing what I am doing, practicing personal knowledge management (PKM), working out loud (WOL), and building my personal learning network.   In addition to these things, I have to be willing to take the risk of falling of the cliff and picking up the pieces to try again.  If I am not willing to do that, I know that I can not effect change.

How can I move beyond skills and knowledge of change to ‘live and be change’?

Again, for me, this is where WOL comes into play because it’s how I share with the world and my organization that I am willing to put it on the line and be the change.  I have to talk about it, I need to write about it, I will try to find projects that support it, within and outside my organization.

What did you learn from Module 1

What really got me thinking in Module 1 was the discussion and questions around being a rebel vs being a troublemaker in the change space.   Boiled down troublemakers “are angry about how things are and don’t have much confidence that things will get better in the future (page 7 of Module 1 Study Guide).”  Rebels on the other hand continuously seek innovative and new ways of doing things, and are optimistic about the future.

So what am I?  To be brutally honest with myself – I think I hover in between.  What moves me more into the rebel space is practicing PKM and WOL.  What keeps me stuck in the troublemaker space is when I don’t take risks and trust in myself and in my community.

What are your three words for how you will live, work and be during the year?

  • Brave: I am willing to fall off the cliff.
  • Trust: I trust that when I fall, and I will, that not only will I be able to pick up the pieces, but that my community will help me.
  • Inspire:  I inspire others with my journey and am inspired by those on both similar and divergent paths.