From Me to We: Telling Stories & Getting Uncomfortable

I’m participating in the School for Health & Care Radicals and in the interest of working and learning out loud, I am using my blog to share my journey during the program. My Week 2 reflections are below.  You can find my reflections from Week 1 here.

What have you learned?

  1. That in order to drive change, I need to craft my own story of change.
    • This take away came from the discussion on action motivators – on how you use stories to create emotional connection to move yourself and others from inertia, apathy, fear, isolation, and self-doubt.  Stories create the motivation for others to jump on board and support your change.  I will not succeed unless I am wiling to share my story with others.
  2. You need to provide people the space to share their stories of change.
    • A few weeks ago I mentioned how I am starting to clearly see the value in conversions w/out agenda’s and action items – conversations that let people share their stories & their perspectives.  This week really solidified this for me.  In order to drive change, you not only need your own story of change, you need other’s stories of change.  To do this I need to really be able to listen and hear things that I may not necessarily want to hear.
  3. Weak ties are the keys to change & innovation.
    • I think conceptually I have always understood this.   You can’t really drive change in organizations without building bridges & bringing together groups that are currently disconnected.
    •  I think I am not so good at this with/in my organization – well at least when it comes to my current organizational change project.   This is new territory for me and I am being held back by fear; fear of failure, fear of how I am persevered, fear of my thoughts & ideas being rejected.  It’s an uncomfortable space to try and move something forward when you need to breakdown silos in order to do it.  However, like most things in life the “magic happens outside the comfort zone.”

How do you know you’ve learned it?

I’ve learned it because I am justifying to myself why I shouldn’t do it.  Why I shouldn’t tell my story, why I don’t need to build weak ties and how I can do this all by myself.  Clear signals that I know exactly what I should do.

How will you take your learning forward? What will you do differently?

I am committed to:

  • Taking the time to craft my change story and putting it out there to the world and to my organization by the end of February.
  • Reaching out to 2 weak ties within my organization (the ones I am really scared of connecting with) to share my story, listen to their story and start to incorporate their vision of where we need to go into our story of change.

I will:

  • try to listen without expectation.
  • hear the uncomfortable things.
  • believe that in the end we are all just doing the best we can.




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