PKM is my key to change

Even though it’s been a few weeks since I finished the School for Health & Care Radicals (SHCR) I still want to share my main takeaway from our close out module – it’s always important to reflect even if you do it weeks later ; )

To catch up on my journey to this point see my reflections from Week 1, Week 2Week 3, and Week 4.

Since week 5 was a recap of what we we learned during the program we were asked to think about what our one major takeaway from the program was.  Here is mine:

Personal Knowledge Management is my key to change.

When I saw Peter Fuda’s Transformational Change Agent Framework (image 1) it clicked for me how important  PKM (Image 2) is to being a “change agent.”

Source: SHCR Week 5 Slide 9
Image 1: Peter Fuda’s Transfromational Change Agent Framework Source: SHCR Week 5 Slide 9
Source. PKM in 34 Pieces
Image 2: Harld Jarche’s PKM Framework Source: PKM in 34 Pieces


  • If Doing = the skills and methods for creating change than Seeking = how we discover the skills, methods and people we need to affect change.
  • If Seeing = the ability to make sense of and reshape perceptions of “reality” than Sense Making = the reflection we need to make connections on what we found in order to shift our thinking/actions & those of others.
  • If Being = the personal characteristics and qualities of being a change agent than Sharing = how we show, that we are in fact “being the change,” and working to build the bridges we need to help others across.

In summary:


It was my PKM practice that led me to the School for Health and Care Radicals to begin with and, though I have learned so many other things from this experience, it validated for me that PKM is the practice that will enable me to live on the edge and be the change I wish to see in this world.


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