Challenge accepted: Practice what you preach

I’ve been reviewing these 2 letters I wrote to myself as part of prior Work Out Loud (WOL) circles:

It’s been almost  a year since I wrote the first one and about 6 months since I followed up with myself in the second letter.

It’s time to check-in with myself again, especially since I am participating in another WOL circle that is also helping me to learn how to better facilitate them.

So how am I doing?  Am I making progress?  Am I being 100% honest with myself?

I am making progress. I am working in a more open & connected way.  I am starting to communicate my feelings.  I am trying to operate from a place of generosity first.  I have traveled alone and it was amazing!  Still have not conquered that fear of public speaking ; )

I do believe that the original letter I wrote myself is still how I want to live & create my life. However, based on my reflection last week about my current WOL goal, I am not being 100% honest with myself and not asking for what I want or accepting help from others (key things I want for my future self).   If I can’t do this, how can I ever expect others to do the same.

Dear Me:

Practice what you preach, Kate.

So yes Johanna, I accept your challenge.

What I am doing is no longer severing me or enabling me to serve others.  In order to have different and create the future self I desire,  I need to do different.  This starts with me being open and honest with myself, my current employer and my amazing network:

I am ready for a change.  I am currently seeking something that better enables me to empower others so that they can create the changes they wish to see.

How that translates into an actual job or whether I reside where I currently am or someplace new remains to be seen. I am embracing the unknown and will accept it as a new and exciting challenge. Game on!


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