I came across Shannon Tipton 30 day brainstorming challenge through my current WOL Circle and decided it would be fun to play along as I am continuously trying to improve my practice of #WOL, asking for help and writing shorter posts:


So here it goes for Day 1.

My ah-ha moment: Sometimes I over complicating things.

I am trying to figure out how to describe/explain to my organization the difference/connection b/w Harold Jarche’s personal knowledge mastery and John’s Stepper’s way of working out loud.

I did this research to see what was out there on the two topics, made an overly complicated mind map (which I will not share becasue it doesn’t even make sense to me) to come up with the following.

Maybe the connection is as simple as this:

  • PKM is a way to manage your learning
  • WOL is to way you go about building the network you need to support your learning as well as a way to ensure you are adding value to the network.

Anyone else have thoughts on this subject?  Would love to hear them in comments or on twitter.

p.s.  My 30 day challenge goal (plus or minus a few days) is to #wol on this topic and the project it’s related to in small posts.