Meet People Where They Are

This is Day 2 of Shannon Tipton 30 day brainstorming challenge.

Today’s ah-aha:

  • Sometimes I put the cart before the horse.  I need to take a step back to meet people where they are.

I knew at some point I would start to see the lesson’s I was meant to learn from my failed project.  I think I was trying to do to much to soon and trying to introduce concepts that my organization was not ready for (hard to bring social leadership and co-created change to an organization that is used to operating in a hierarchical environment)

This is why I am also taking a step back to restart (inspired by Michelle Ockers and Bruno Winck) by introducing concepts such as Personal Knowledge Mastery & Working Out Loud – things that are a little easier for my organization to grasp and I think are the foundation to getting fit for the social age.

That being the case – here is a sketch of a project to co-create with my colleagues a Professional and Career Development Learning Environment for our employees. It’s one of the reason’s I am needing to make the connection between WOL & PKM clearer.

CPD Learning Environment
Click image to see full size rendering.

Love to hear your thoughts on the initial concept in comments or on twitter.

p.s.  as much as I talk about #WOL – this is the first time I have truly thrown something half baked out there. Scary!

9 thoughts on “Meet People Where They Are

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  1. What an exciting project to be working on. It looks like you’ve considered a variety of avenues to make the CPD an exciting and meaningful experience. I’ll keep my eyes open on more from you on this subject! “Selling change” is a long and tedious process but it looks like your plan is starting to take shape.

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  2. Kate – Love the mind map. My question is – do you see the WOL & PKM as part of the “Discover your values” and Explore Your Career (love the titles BTW) in that the people are introduced to the concept and then the concepts are continually referenced? Or as a stand alone, self-study kind of knowledge share? I’m excited by the potential and look forward to where this takes you.


    1. I do see WOL & PKM as part of the discover your values and explore your career pieces – just not sure yet. my original map started to draw where you would jump into those things but then I started to get confused when I couldn’t figure out how to explain when you might want to use one over the other or which one came first or does it even matter – hence my quest to get the discussion going and work through this out loud ; )


      1. I can see it as an ongoing thread. Each topic can connect to both as being relevant. Explore Your Career: the WOL component becomes (for example) a showing how a WOL circle can enhance and grow your knowledge, then with PKM is how to use and manage the knowledge information coming in? So it’s not a stand alone piece – so to speak, but a thread that runs through them?


  3. So in summary, where you are getting stuck in how you are currently distinguishing between PKM (manage learning) and WOL (build PLN) has to do with being able to explain when and in what sequence to use them?

    Maybe if we think about typical questions a person might have, where they might get stuck, how their momentum might get blocked (we could ask people about their own real like experiences), we could draw dotted question arrows as options for where to go next when goal progress starts lagging. That way PKM and WOL potentially become these ongoing practices, like meditation, or taking up running, that people can develop once they’ve gone as far as they want on the three phased career development map.


    1. I think that is where I am getting stuck. It is also trying to figure out the relationship between them. I feel like they both support each other.


  4. Thx for sharing! It can be scary to out drafts there that aren’t fully formed…and I need to follow your example and do more of it. I’m really interested in what you are doing. These are concepts that I’d like to bring to my org. We do well on the right side of your mind map but don’t really have much on the left side re: PKM and WOL.


    1. Well than let’s figure it out together. It takes a village ; ) I will keep trying to share and reflect as we work through the project and please keep commenting/asking questions.


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