This is Day 2 of Shannon Tipton 30 day brainstorming challenge.

Today’s ah-aha:

  • Sometimes I put the cart before the horse.  I need to take a step back to meet people where they are.

I knew at some point I would start to see the lesson’s I was meant to learn from my failed project.  I think I was trying to do to much to soon and trying to introduce concepts that my organization was not ready for (hard to bring social leadership and co-created change to an organization that is used to operating in a hierarchical environment)

This is why I am also taking a step back to restart (inspired by Michelle Ockers and Bruno Winck) by introducing concepts such as Personal Knowledge Mastery & Working Out Loud – things that are a little easier for my organization to grasp and I think are the foundation to getting fit for the social age.

That being the case – here is a sketch of a project to co-create with my colleagues a Professional and Career Development Learning Environment for our employees. It’s one of the reason’s I am needing to make the connection between WOL & PKM clearer.

CPD Learning Environment
Click image to see full size rendering.

Love to hear your thoughts on the initial concept in comments or on twitter.

p.s.  as much as I talk about #WOL – this is the first time I have truly thrown something half baked out there. Scary!