Think Out Loud, Literally.

Day 3 “ah-ha:” Sometimes you just have to think out loud.

As I was waiting for my friend to meet me for a mountain bike ride this morning before work, I remembered this graphic from Simon Terry. It shows a connection between #PKM & #WOL and my mind started churning.

I was afraid I would forget about what I was thinking so I just decided to record my thoughts via video (something I want to get better at) and despite the fact that I am not wearing makeup and have not had coffee I am glad I did this because I remembered a few reason’s I love #PKM & #WOL.

Would love to know the reason’s why your so passionate about #WOL & #PKM in comments or on twitter.

4 thoughts on “Think Out Loud, Literally.

Add yours

  1. For me there is a strong connection between WOL and the part of PKM that involves reflection. I was mentioning this on #pkmchat yesterday: When I take time to reflect and externalize my thoughts it allows me to pick up on and develop the essential threads, parts that may relate to something I’ve written or read before, and develop or simplify those further. WOL is also a way to expose your thinking to others, and get challenged or validated, develop ideas further, which is a form of PKM.

    Thanks for provoking my thought!


    1. I think this is key – “WOL is also a way to expose your thinking to others, and get challenged or validated, develop ideas further.” This is a least what helps me to continue evolving.


  2. I agree with your thought that PKM and WOL can help people to realise that they have more power than they think they have. This is a key motivator for me to continue these practices personally and also to encourage and support others to try them.

    I’m passionate about PKM and WOL because of the value these practices have brought to me since I began adopting them in early 2014. They help me to learn and develop quicker, to be more effective in my work, to discover new ideas and resources, to be more innovative, to create more value in my organisation. Building my network and connecting with others with similar interests and goals also makes me feel part of something bigger than myself and enriches my life. It increases my opportunity to contribute to others. Put simply, the expand my life and experiences.


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