This is Day 4 of Shannon Tipton’s 30 day brainstorming challenge.

Michelle Ockers is also doing the 30 day brainstorming challenge and her day 3 video give me an “ah-ah” about the connection between #PKM & #WOL.

My “ah-ah” for the day: It’s about Purposeful Discovery.

Michelle made something click when she mentioned that the Purposeful Discovery piece of John’s WOL method helps to guide and focus her #PKM practices.

She says that having an overall goal can help “orient your WOL activities and stimulate your PKM activities.” according to Michelle.

I am feel like this is defiantly a piece to the puzzle I am trying to solve.  WOL is becoming more about building relationships where as PKM is becoming more about how to manage the information coming at you and using that information in a meaningful way.

to be continued . . .