My ah-ha for Day 7 of Shannon Tipton’s 30 day brainstorming challenge: There is power and inspiration in the collective.

Last night as I was driving home after a long day at work I was thinking that what keeps me going is what we are all trying to do together as a global community – to ultimately empower others to be the changes they wish to see.

After my failed project, I have had to take a step back and go back to doing some of the things in my old job that don’t necessarily bring me joy anymore but I realize that is OK for now. It’s because I have this collective community to spur me on and to support me as I try and figure out my next thing.

I think that all of us on this journey are making a difference regardless of whether we can do this in our current positions or organizations. We just have to keep trying to make things better for ourselves so we can make things better for other people – and this is why PKM and WOL are so important.

I am grateful to you, my collective community for your continued support. You guys rock!