To re-certify or not to re-certify?

About 3 years ago I set out on a quest to revamp my skills.  I had been face down for 6 years trying to build, alongside my colleagues, an unmanned systems pilot training program. When I finally had room to breath, I looked up and  realized everything I thought I knew about instructional design and learning and development had changed.  My skills and my Master’s in ISD no longer seemed valid.

This is what lead me to purse the Association for Talent & Development’s Certified Professional in Learning & Performance.

Now 3 years later I am up for renewal of that certification and I have decided not to re-certify.

Why you ask?

Well because that certification has served it’s purpose.  I don’t need a piece of paper or a fancy title after may name to prove that I add value.  I have what really matters, true examples of my work, my thoughts, my network.  It’s thorough my personal knowledge mastery (#PKM) and working out loud (#WOL) practices that I can validate that I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to attack the challenges facing learning & development professionals, not the 4 letters after my name.

In today’s world it isn’t always about what you know or the piece of paper that you hold that get’s you ahead.  Yes, those pieces of paper and fancy initials after your name give you a leg up, or a major re-boot when you need one (and are sometimes required for various professions), but they aren’t always the most important thing in proving you add value, especially if you have been in the field for a while.

To me; it’s my actions, my reputation, my network and my visible work that all prove to the world that I am capable of navigating change and am on a continual mission to evolve who I am and how I think to solve, with others, the challenges we face in supporting learning.

That being said, I do not regret my certification, nor do I think it doesn’t add value.  If you find yourself where I was three years ago, it may be the reboot you need.  It certainly helped me as without it I would not have found #PKM & #WOL.

What I have concluded for myself is that having the CPLP after may name is no longer serving me, and when something doesn’t serve you, you have to let it go.

Would love to know your thoughts on my decision or if you have faced a similar one in the past in the comments section below.


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