Finding my narrative

I am kicking of the new year by revamping my personal knowledge management practice using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards.

Today I started with the Finding your narrative card.


When reading the card and my task I was reminded of a post I had done last year on network analysis.  I used this as a main method to look at what I had been doing over the past year and reconfirm what I believe my narrative is.

The results of my follerme analysis:


The results of my twitonomy analysis:


I also looked at the people that followed me to see what they what they talked about the most to see if there was any alignment it what I have been taking about/blogging on:



It seems that I have been pretty consistent in my narrative, sensemaking and sharing as my topics are mainly about social leadership, personal knowledge mastery, working out loud and change management.

One thing I did notice is that I have lost touch with my the School for Change Agent network who have provided me much inspiration.   This is a passion of mine that I would like to pick up again as I want to #bethechange and sometimes need support in doing so. This group really helps me with that.

My narrative

I am motivated to tell stories about social leadership (in practice) as it encompasses all the things I am passionate about: #wol, #pkm, #cocreation, #futureofwork, #bethechange


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