What is your new nature of work?

I am participating in the Foundations of the Social Age MOOC and as a way of making sense of what I am learning I am reflecting in this blog space.  Over the past few days we have been exploring the new world of work where people are able to be effective without infrastructure and without formal hierarchy and mechanisms of control.

Julian Stodd of Sea Salt learning explains it well in this video:

What is my new nature of work:

  • Work takes place despite the office: I can and do work remote
  • Collaboration across borders: I work with people from all over the world to help me solve problems and reflect
  • Letting go of perfect and embracing change: Technology changes fast and we need to embrace it, try new things and embrace the fact that we don’t need to be perfect – as seen in my clearly unscripted video reflection below – not sure why my voice and video don’t sync – oh well I tried ; )

What am I going to do to challenge the nature of work?

  • Continue to work out loud
  • Challenge my assumptions (Thanks for the reminder Jonathon)
  • Bring by expertise where needed and stop being so afraid to do so (Thanks Ite)

What will you do to challenge the nature of work?  Love to hear your thoughts below.

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