I have been collaborating on a project that is attempting to help create/enhance the culture our organization wants to have by defining a core set of leadership competencies that span all levels of the organization.

In essence we are creating an “aspired to” state of the type of leadership we want at our organization in order to live our why.

I have actually had some great heart burn with this.  I understand that we need this “aspired to” state but it just hasn’t felt quite right – fluffy aspirational stuff is hard for me and I always worry that not enough people are involved.

That is, until I read this from gapingvoid:

There is no one ‘right’ kind of organizational culture, and none are perfect. That said, the benefit of having a well understood and socialized culture is that people know the boundaries of what is and isn’t okay.

This is spread and reinforced by culture carriers, people who live and breathe your culture because it works, but also because there is a well executed plan for Culture Design. The idea that you can, and must design the culture that you want to have.

It is OK to create the “aspired to” state, in fact it’s needed, what is truly important, at least to me, is how you go about creating that state.   The more open you can be during the process, offering the organization opportunities to co-create this “aspirational” state the better the chance you will actually move the dial in that direction.

And that is exactly what I am going to focus on.

How do you feel about defining “aspirational” cultural elements?  Would love to know in the comments below.