Reflection on Days 1 – 10: #SL100

Here are some reflections from Days 1-10 (The Foundations) of my social leadership journey.

This journey is interesting for me as it’s forcing me to look inward towards my organization.  I have mentioned in previous posts how I have done a pretty good job of building social leadership and working out loud skills outside my org but not necessarily with in it.

That being said, I feel most of the power I have within my organization is social.  Any formal power I have is granted because of this.  I think this mainly because I have built a lot of trust within my organization.

I am consistent in my actions trying to say and do what I believe.  I am a known listener and problem solver who tries to approach situations in service of others even when I am the person who stands to gain something by asking myself what can I give back to the experience/person.

Where I struggle in my organization is finding my voice, there are a variety of reasons for this but mostly they all stem from a fear of failure and a fear of being stuffed in a box.   Days 1-10 made me see that I really want to use this journey to change that.

So my goal for the next 90 days is to use this journey to build my internal social leadership skills.

On a side note hoping this also helps with my current struggle of trying to reinvent myself ; )



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