Reflection on Days 11-19: #SL100

In weeks 1-10 I determined that my goal for this journey was to build my internal social leadership skills.  Here is what I learned in days 11-19:

  1. I’m struggling determining what I will be “known” for internally.  Will it be the same space that I claim externally (though to be honest I am not so clear on that one either)?  Will I find a new space?  I am hoping that this becomes clearer as I move through this journey.
  2. I need to mix up my sources of content, both when I share internally & externally. I tend towards articles but there is a whole untapped world of podcasts and videos that I would like to dive into.
  3. Sometimes I am the problem.  Having been with my current organization for 10 years, I can get stuck when I feel like I have to do something again.  It’s the “been there, done that already and it didn’t work” syndrome.  I have been consciously trying to be more open to reigniting concepts that maybe the organization wasn’t ready for at the time.
  4. I don’t always do the right thing. My other struggle internally is that I tend to do things because it’s easier for me to just get it done vs letting other people take the lead, even if they fail.  The right thing is not always the easiest thing and the recovering perfectionist in me has a hard time of letting go of control.
  5. I’m struggling with finding a social leadership buddy internally.  I still fear when I share my outside self to the organization, my thoughts will be rejected and I will be seen as self-promoting.

Can’t wait to see what the next 9 days bring ; )

p.s. not to late to join me on this journey.  Comment below or contact me on twitter (@kmpinner) if you need a buddy to support you.

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