I’m just finished listening to a Connectle Con on Transforming HR with Perry Timms, Richard Westney, Gaylin Jee, Nathan Donaldson.  What struck me was Perry Timm’s summarizing the conversation with what he called the beginning of  a “manifisto” for transforming how HR professionals (or anyone) can help transform HR (or any function) to support the world of work:

  • Curious experimenters
  • Connecting storytellers
  • Enablers of the new
  • Self aware, small gain creators
  • Share generously
  • Scaffolding creators
  • Purpose maximizers
  • Values aligners

In reality these ideas are not new for me.  I hope that doesn’t sound snotty but I have been playing in this space for a bit and feel like a lot of these things I have been working on by practicing social leadership and personal knowledge mastery. What is new for me is the realization that somewhere along the line I just stopped.  I got busy with work and I let go. I got stuck. I stopped transforming.

There are many wonderful things I heard in listening to this conversation, but the one that screamed the loudest from deep inside was that I need to find a way to get unstuck, to dive back in and continue my practice as this is the main way I feel I will be able to transform (and disrupt) anything – including myself.

I would love  any advice on ways to help me reengage.  In return, you will have my gratitude and offer to support you next time you get “stuck.” Leave a comment below or reach out on twitter.

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  1. You are an innovator Kate.As Gaylin pointed out in the conversation, change and transformation does not always have to be radical. In fact incremental change should be what we are striving for, where innovation and collaboration are part of our everyday. Happy to be in a another WOL Circle with you – if you think 12 weeks of Working Out Loud would help?


    1. That is a great point Mara. I do sometimes forget that change doesn’t always have to be big and radical. Small thing make a difference. I think another WOL Circle would be just the “therapy” I need to help get unstuck and re-motivated. If your game, I am game. Let’s rally some troops ; )

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  2. Your post makes me think about the difference between ‘stuck’ and ‘demotivated’. Stuck means that I have tried different ways but just can’t solve a particular problem. I find that easier to deal with than ‘demotivated’. The first I can use my network and social leadership skills (they are the way I can get unstuck, and exist even though they aren’t front and centre of my mind everyday). Demotivated means I lack drive, something, someone, some situation has deflated my balloon, and inflating it again, for me, requires time and space to recharge. Gain perspective.
    I get out of both with back up from teammates, getting ideas and problem solving for the first (stuck) and breathing room for the second.
    Thanks for the reflection inspiration 😉


    1. Thanks for this Val. It struck a cord. I think it’s a mix of both. Maybe this is why I have taken so much time “off.” I do think I need a good old fashioned brainstorming session with my teammates and my network to at least help with the stuck part – maybe that will spark the inspiration/motivation piece ; )


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