Day 3 of I/ITSEC: A Reflection

On Day 3 of I/ITSEC, I attended a panel session on  Global Perspectives on Learning and the Need for Learning Science lead by Sae Schatz, Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.

The discussion was surrounding the challenges the world’s military learning leaders are facing (pretty much the same as what private industry is facing):

  • Getting the learning theory right
  • Creating a joint architecture
  • Creating scalable and personalized learning environments
  • Measuring and assessing things like creativity, critical thinking, innovation
  • Create more opportunities for experimentation, risk, failure and partnerships.

What I loved about the discussion was the conversation surrounding how partnerships with each other was the key to working through these issues and the  other challenges we are facing, not only as individual nations and businesses, but as an entire world.

During the discussion I scribbled a few key words which have formed my main take away’s over my 3 days at I/ITSEC

  1. Perspective: You can not under estimate the value of immersing yourself in different industries to gain new perspectives. There are always parallels to be found and assumptions to be broken.
  2. Research: I found a renewed respect and interest in research.  I think we could all stand to take a more experimental approach when testing out new concepts.
  3. Inspiration:  I found so much inspiration talking with and learning from the global community that was present at I/ITSEC.   It’s contagious.  You can’t help but get excited about what the future could hold when your around such smart people.

So am I unstuck?  Did this experience have the affect I had hoped for on Day 1?  I won’t say I am 100% out of the mud but I am starting to remember what excites me about the field of learning & development.  Time will tell and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had this experience.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of I/ITSEC: A Reflection

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  1. Great work Kate! Happy you were able to experience numerous views from the industry! Will need your help in mapping how we transition in our efforts!

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