Getting back in the game

I’ve been a little quiet lately, not as engaged. Mostly due to my feeling of stuck state but also because I don’t want to keep doing things they way I have been doing them.  It worked for a while but then became a burden, a “have’ to vs a want to.

So what have I been doing?

Reading a lot of my old blog posts.

Wow! there’s some good advice in there.  Maybe I should take it ; )

So what did I conclude from my trip down memory lane?

I miss my “Friday Finds” and “Sunday Summaries”:  They were collections of what inspired me over the week and helped me to  build a networks of amazing folks.  I want to start this again, however this time I will not put pressure on myself to post on a certain day.  They will just be “Favorite Finds” from my travels across the interwebs, posted on whatever day of the week inspiration strikes

I miss my personal knowledge mastery practice but I over complicated it.  I was trying to follow to much.  I need to narrow down and focus on my current learning needs and inspirations.  I also just need to simplify my process (more to come on that).

My love I want to maintain:

  • Social Leadership. I am motivated to tell stories about social leadership (in practice) as it encompasses all the things I am passionate about: #wol, #pkm, #cocreation, #futureofwork, #bethechange #communites

What I want to learn:

  • Design Thinking:  I feel I need a practical technical skill and this is one that can also be applied to non-technical problems as well

I want to pick back up my Social Leadership in 100 Days journey – simplifying it with brief tweets and maybe a reflection post to summarize what I learned to help keep me motivated and connected to the community I love.   Saskia Wenniger totally inspired me to try this method!

Continue being involved in Connectle: Connectle is community of practice for connected work exploring a lot of the topics I am interested in.  I love that our conversations occur over video and that you can hop on a monthly calls with a group of folks from all over the world to touch base on goals and challenges you are facing.

And this is how I hope to  get back in the game!





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