2018 Learning Plan: The 6 Month Version

I spent part of the day flushing out what I want to be learning over the next 6 months (I have commitment issues so thinking 6 months out is a big deal for me)

Why you ask?

The L&D industry is shifting and the list I created below is where I believe I need to learn more to stay relevant. I also needed a way to reflect on what I want and posting to the world holds me a little more accountable (If you haven’t noticed I like variety – which means I often leave things unfinished).

The List

  • Design Thinking (February): I want to learn more so I can use it as a method for creative problem solving and hope to figure out how to translate it into how I design learning experiences.
  • Community Management (March): I want to learn more so I can help empower others to be the change they wish to see.
  • Content Marketing/Social Media Strategy (April): I want to learn more about these aspects of the marketing world to learn how to better engage people and filter/distill information.
  • User Interface Design (May): I want to learn more to design better communities and social learning experiences.
  • Reflect & Distill (June): Does something resinate?  Do I want to dive deeper and learn more?  Did my learning journey ignite a new passion?

It’s a lot. I know. I plan to start slow (1 topic a month) with free or low cost learning resources. Once I distill what I have learned and, if something resonates, then I can move towards a certification or a longer workshop – though these day I wonder how relevant that is.

I also think this is what happens when what you want to do is not a “degree” program or even a known job. Honestly, I think this is my way of moving into creating something that helps me do what I love. Which is:

  • Ignite our ability to break through & transform by:
    • Leading from the side
    • Working out loud
    • Pushing limits (rebel at heart)
    • Getting rustic
    • Being an alchemist of change

Which really makes sense (to me anyway) when you look at what feelings I currently want to cultivate in my life:

  • Affluence: I am enough & am grateful
  • Wonder: I add to and experience the beauty in this world
  • Tranquility: I am centered and at peace
  • Agility: I am free, flexible, and creative
  • Connection: I act with empathy and authenticity

Guess all I need to do now is get started ; )

4 thoughts on “2018 Learning Plan: The 6 Month Version

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  1. Great list. And you would have enjoyed the Learning Technologies expo. I was inspired by all the ways we can apply our trade. It was also a great reminder (which you have expressed) that as L&D pros we have to continue to evolve the profession in line with not only the change in technology but also the change in learning culture and work culture.



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