Re-frame & Pivot

I just returned from Design Thinking Bootcamp with DT Academy.  It was an amazing experience with so many insights that I am still trying to assimilate (and will eventually share) into my thinking.  However, there is one the stands out for me, more from a personal level, then from a business application standpoint (though it’s helpful here as well): the need to re-frame & pivot.

In a world full of constant change I believe that we can take a lesson from design thinking when it comes to designing our lives.  As we gain more information, learn new things, sometimes we have to re-frame our personal plans and pivot in a different direction.

This may seem simple to some but sometimes I struggle with letting go of a plan I make for myself when I know it’s not working or I can’t keep up with it.  I start to feel like a failure or that I can never finish what I started.  However, if I approach it with the mindset of a design thinker, I realize that I am just re-framing my plan and choosing to pivot it based on new information and insights.

I created this 6 month learning plan a view months ago to help get myself out of a rut.  I started with the topic of Design Thinking and then an opportunity presented itself for me to do a deeper dive with the DT Bootcamp, shifting my other topics to the right.  Now I am not so sure the rest of the topics are the ones I want to explore or if my self imposed timelines are right.

I think it’s time to use my newly formed design thinking mindset to re-frame & pivot my plan and my life.  Off to the drawing board using Designing Your Life by Stanford Design Thinking professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, as my guide ; )

Have you ever experienced something similar?  Would love to know how you have approached the need to re-frame and pivot your plan (or life) in the comments below or on twitter.


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  1. Loved reading/applying Designing Your Life with a group of others in a virtual book club last summer including 2 amazing Life Design conversations. I need to think more wildly about Odyssey plans! Good to read your post.


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