My Life, My Career

The other day a colleague mentioned to me that she saw a post I had shared about helping myself get unstuck. She told me that I was brave. When I asked her why she said I was brave because I was announcing to the world and our employer that I was stuck. What if they think I am looking for a new job or a new career? Wasn’t I worried about how they would perceive me?

I was a little shocked. I had never looked at it that way. I have always been pretty open about my efforts to reinvent and change myself. Nothing ever stays the same nor should I.

I refuse to operate out of a place of fear. Employers should want their employees to develop, grow, and share their experiences so that others will do the same. The cost of disgruntled, disengaged employees is way higher than supporting employees journey of self-development. Ultimately, supporting employees self-development helps companies grow as they bring innovative ideas back into the organization.

This is my life and my career. I own it. I control it. I want to do what ever it takes to keep me engaged and contributing to the world. This has, and will continue to, include being open about and sharing my experiences with others.

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