PKM is Kinda Like Therapy

I'm on a plane to Maryland for my Dad's 75th birthday catching up on my backlog of "read it later" articles.  In these articles, I came across one from Harold Jarche on the evolution of his Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) process. Reading through it I had an "Ah Ha" moment. Somewhere along the line I forgot about... Continue Reading →

My PKM Rountine

Inspired by the amazing Harold Jarche and the folks who commented on his  PKM routines post, I finally finished writing mine out this weekend.  I wish it was visual but in the interest of working out loud and half-baked ideas, I'm just going for it. I can always refine it later. Side Note: It's a little different... Continue Reading →

Work Out Loud: Filtering Twitter for Personal Networks

Don't you just love it when you have an Ah-ha moment? Especially when you've been struggling with something like how to organize Twitter? Background I was working through an exercise on Harold Jarche's PKM in 40 Days Workshop which was explaining the different types of people who should be a part of your network. According to Harold "As... Continue Reading →

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