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Above My Pay Grade

It’s painful to admit that I have used this phrase one to many times lately, along with the phrase “shut up and color.”  Two things that pretty much go against everything I have been trying to do the past few years by working out loud, practicing personal knowledge mastery, building my social leadership skills and trying to model the behaviors that enable change.

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Putting a foot back into the box

brealing-out-of-boxOnce your eyes have been opened and you have stepped out of the box it’s really hard to step back in.

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Trust Through Consistent Action

It’s day 2 of my personal knowledge mastery practice (PKM) revamp using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards.

Today I am working on the Trust Through Consistent Action card.

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Finding my narrative

I am kicking of the new year by revamping my personal knowledge management practice using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards.

Today I started with the Finding your narrative card.

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The Social Age Safari: A Messy Reflection

Sometimes I need a few weeks to process an experience.   I need to sit with it, I need to hear and read what others have learned and gathered.  Sometimes it just takes me awhile to make sense of it all and sometimes I just can’t put all the pieces together.  This is where I sit with my experience at the Social Age Safari.    Things don’t always have to make sense in a nice neat orderly way, they just are what they are and I need to be OK with that.  However, this does not mean that I have not gained or learned anything.  I have and here is the messy disjointed list below:
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