You won’t be left alone in the dark.

It’s the final days of Shannon Tipton’s 30 day brainstorming challenge and even though I didn’t post everyday of the challenge I still learned a few key things.

It really does take a village.

Chris Coladonato said it really well in her summary post:

We are a community of Learning Rebels – inspiring each other to do our best work, sharing ideas, and picking each other up when we lose our way.

The last part of her statement really resonated with me as I feel like I have lost my way a little bit in the past few months but what keeps me going is knowing I have a great community of folks to help me figure it out and support me as I find my next thing.

It’s OK to do your own thing.

This was one of my biggest take away’s from this challenge.  I made it my own.  I did what I needed to do.  I took a break from social media.  I made my own rules. I reminded myself that I am really am the only one who puts pressure on myself and that I need to do what works for me.  Even if means I’m weird (like Shannon point’s out in her day 28 post).  I also just need to do me which I was so nicely reminded of by Michelle Ockers on her day 29 post telling us all to just do you.

Your network will still be there.

We all have a fear of missing out – I think this is why it’s so hard to step away from social media and take a break. I struggled with it, especially because I was trying to do this challenge. I ended up taking an extra week off after my vacation but it wasn’t becasue I needed it – it was because I was afraid to jump back in, thinking everyone had moved on with out me.

Obviously this was not case because after spending 5 mins back on social media I realize my network is still willing to reengage with me becasue off all the time and energy I have invested in cultivating it.  This is becasue I practice PKM and WOL.  Which by the way, has also taught be how to repair and rebuild it when necessary.

Either way I won’t be left alone in the dark ; )



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