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Finally: The Link Between WOL & PKM

I’ve have been obsessed with this topic for a while now – in fact it’s been at least a year since I started noodling on it according to a “back of the napkin”sketch I did thinking about how I could piece the two together.

I started this because I thought both concepts would be helpful to employees in my organization to help them navigate the social age and keep up with the pace of change but I didn’t know which to try to implement first or how to explain what the differences where in each approach.

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Challenge accepted: Practice what you preach

I’ve been reviewing these 2 letters I wrote to myself as part of prior Work Out Loud (WOL) circles:

It’s been almost  a year since I wrote the first one and about 6 months since I followed up with myself in the second letter.

It’s time to check-in with myself again, especially since I am participating in another WOL circle that is also helping me to learn how to better facilitate them.

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The only way out is through

This is me practicing what I preach as I participate in the WOL Circle Program.

One of the exercises this week was to reflect on our Working Out Load goal.  Below is my reflection on how it’s going using the prompts in the circle guide.

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Failure Sucks.

What everyone forgets to mention when they talk about how failure is the only way to truly learn is the fact that failing sucks. It hurts. It makes you question everything. You say things to yourself similar to the following:

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The Social Age Safari: A Messy Reflection

Sometimes I need a few weeks to process an experience.   I need to sit with it, I need to hear and read what others have learned and gathered.  Sometimes it just takes me awhile to make sense of it all and sometimes I just can’t put all the pieces together.  This is where I sit with my experience at the Social Age Safari.    Things don’t always have to make sense in a nice neat orderly way, they just are what they are and I need to be OK with that.  However, this does not mean that I have not gained or learned anything.  I have and here is the messy disjointed list below:
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