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Trust Through Consistent Action: Part 2

I’m still revamping my personal knowledge mastery practice (PKM) using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards ; ) I am also still working on the Trust Through Consistent Action card – this is part 2 of that series.

It part 1, I shared that I wan’t really being that consistent and that felt I my process needed an overhaul.  In this post I want to explain the thinking behind my process and my target goals for executing.

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Trust Through Consistent Action

It’s day 2 of my personal knowledge mastery practice (PKM) revamp using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards.

Today I am working on the Trust Through Consistent Action card.

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Finding my narrative

I am kicking of the new year by revamping my personal knowledge management practice using (and beta testing) Sea Salt Learning’s Social Leadership cards.

Today I started with the Finding your narrative card.

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Packing #PKM with #WOL

In this week’s PKM chat we will be discussing where the concepts of #PKM & #WOL may or may not intersect. It’s the third part of a three part series deep diving into how we think about and use these concepts.  You can catch up on weeks one and two here and here.

This week’s framing post is a joint effort between Gail Radeki of Raft Learning and Kate Pinner of Rustic Learning.  We have spent some time thinking about both of these concepts and what they mean to us.  This is what led us to co-host this next chat as a way to help ourselves and others explain and use both concepts.

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Friday Reflection: “This, this is reality”

My friend and I have a saying we use when we are mountain biking up a really steep hill and are out of breath or walk over some crazy feature – we point at each other and say: “This, this is reality.”

Surrounded by a culture of extreme athletes where some of the worlds best live and ride, we us this saying to remind us that we ride for us.  We use it to remind us of what our reality is: the fact that riding to enjoy company with friends, to be in nature and to get our “treat” at the end is good enough for us.

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