Starting Over

It’s been too long.  I know this.  My voice got lost.  Life happened.  I’m on my way back. It’s a new beginning. It's starting with this post as a way to holding myself accountable by sharing my plan of getting back to the basics of three things I know I love - exploring, networking &... Continue Reading →

Re-frame & Pivot

I just returned from Design Thinking Bootcamp with DT Academy.  It was an amazing experience with so many insights that I am still trying to assimilate (and will eventually share) into my thinking.  However, there is one the stands out for me, more from a personal level, then from a business application standpoint (though it's... Continue Reading →

A Month of Learning: Design Thinking

A few weeks ago I set an intention to explore various topics I was interested in over the next several months.  This month was all about design thinking. Here is what I explored: Gives a great overview of design thinking basics. A lot of great how to resources from the experts that can... Continue Reading →

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