Starting Over

It’s been too long.  I know this.  My voice got lost.  Life happened.  I’m on my way back. It’s a new beginning. It’s starting with this post as a way to holding myself accountable by sharing my plan of getting back to the basics of three things I know I love – exploring, networking & curating.

1: Exploring (aka Learning)

Why:  I want to expand my current knowledge base and discover new ways of being, thinking and doing. 

How:  By remembering to be a social leader and using my personal knowledge mastery practice.  Which by the way needs a major overhaul and will now be much easier thanks to Cronycle.  More on that soonish ; )

Target: A monthly post on what I am learning / thinking about

Side Note: Here’s my current exploration list and why I am choosing to explore each thing.  I have found it very helpful to dig into the “why’s of my interest areas.

2: Networking

Why:  I have a goal to achieve for work (develop a people and culture strategy). It’s a new one for me and there is not a budget for outside consultants.

How: The work out loud process is a way for me to reach out to others who have done the same thing, get help, and provide something in return.

Target: 12 weeks

3: Curating

Why: I want a “free” way to generate discussion and learning at work around several core cultural behaviors while I start on the goal above.

How:  Curated Newsletter using Cronycle with facilitated discussion at all hand’s meetings

Target: Monthly

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