Finding My New Voice

I shared an article this morning that talked about the hidden signs of burnout. One of them was “losing your voice.”

“When I look back on the signs I was heading towards a burnout, the biggest one that stands out for me is the feeling of losing my voice. Not physically, but metaphorically. When I’m not taking enough care of myself my ideas dry up. I feel like I have nothing to say or share. Now, as soon as I start to feel this way, I immediately evaluate if I’m making time for me, and if not, I get right back to it. Personally, that looks like seeing friends and being creative through knitting or crocheting.”
—Lydia Di Francesco, wellness consultant and coach, Ottawa, Canada

I think what I have been feeling over the past year is burnout. I defiantly felt like I lost my voice in 2018. I have done (and am continuing to do) a lot of deep personal discovery work to get it back. One of the things I am trying to do to rediscover my voice is to switch my narrative. I used to spend time researching, sense making and sharing on the topics of personal knowledge management, working out loud and social leadership. All things I still consider important but at this point they are just ingrained in what I do and how I think. Right now, I feel it’s time for reinvention and expansion of my current thinking.

Here is some of what I will be exploring in an effort to help find my new voice:

  • Creating cultures of continuous learning
  • Embracing continual change
  • Career evolution and career coaching
  • Corporate rebels
  • Content curation
  • Visual design
  • Design thinking
  • Agile coaching
  • Holistic healing
  • Modern Embroidery

What are some things you do when you feel you have lost your voice?

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