Working Out Loud on My Core Values

I find it good to check-in on what guides my life from time to time – especially when I am in the space of reinvention and I thought that this blog was a great space to record my thoughts and reflections.

I completed a really great exercise with my coach Jessica yesterday identifying and sorting values based on what resonated with me.

This is what I identified as my top values.

  • LOVE
  • JOY

Based on the work we did I was remind of a post I did a few years back on my core desired feelings which promoted me to take a look at them again. I found that they still resonate but needed some minor adjustments based on the work and insights I had during the values exercise:

  • Affluent: I have enough & am grateful
  • Wonder: I add to and fully experience the beauty and joy in this world
  • Wisdom: I am open to receive guidance from the universe (changed from tranquil – I am relaxed and open)
  • Rustic: I do things to get uncomfortable & buck the system
  • Connected: I act with empathy, authenticity and love (added love)

I think values can be great guideposts for decision making and aligning things in your life.

I also think it’s about the feelings I want to cultivate. These tend to serve me as much better indicators of how I want to live my life and a factor I want to use in determining what no longer serves me.

Would love to know your experiences in identifying your guideposts and what exercises and reflections you found helpful. Let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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