Sunday Summary: Life Lessons Applied to Content Curation

Sunday Summary is my attempt to look back on the week, see what inspired me, reflect on what I learned, and start a catalog of the things that are important to me.  Hopefully you will find some value here as well. The concept was derived from the PKM course that I took with Harold Jarche and his Friday Finds blog post.

Find 1

An blog post by Kristina Halvorson found via Jonathon Colman onTwitter (@jcolman)

Inspiration Quote: “Stop feeling guilty for everything you aren’t. Celebrate who and what you are”

Find 2

A blog post by Greg Mckeoin found via Stephan Dale on Twitter (@stephendale)

Inspiration Quote: “Saying “yes” when we should be saying “no” can seem like a small thing in the moment. But over time, such compromises can create a life of regrets.”

Find 3

A blog post by Amy Selwyn found via feedly subscription to her blog.

Inspiration Quote “In the end, for me, it will be about the connecting and very little to nothing about the achieving. Or the accumulating. Or The amassing. It will be about whether and how I blossomed in that brief shining moment in the sun, how I reached out to another and either showed up fully and authentically or did not.”

My Takeaways

I am struggling working through my Personal Content Curation Strategy. I created my goals and defined the topics I was interested in but can’t seem to figure out how I want to seek and organize information.

Who should I follow? Are they the right people? How many people should I follow? How much content should I share? How often? Does it have to be my own? What tools should I use? How do I get all these tools to work together? What if I’m wrong?

Seriously, there has to be a right way to do this.

What this week taught me from a L&D perspective is there is no right way. I chose my way. Personal Content Curation is just that – personal. I need to do what works for me and I am slowly realizing that it’s never going to be perfect, that it’s going to constantly change and in order to succeed I must fumble. All I can do is to continue learning more and reminding myself to:

  • Stop feeling guilty! Focus on the cool stuff I am currently doing to help evolve myself and the learning landscape, not the stuff I am not doing or think I am suppose to be doing (like finishing my content curation strategy).
  • Operate from a place of I choose to vs I have to or I should.  Being authentic is the only way to help yourself, help others and really the only way to build true connection.

In summary, I choose to live my life connecting with others, with nature, and with myself.  This may mean that I don’t follow the typical “rules”of social media engagement in my curation efforts and that’s OK because in the end, it will mean I was true to myself.

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